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LEGO terminator image
Talking LEGO robot skull reciting movie lines


The video on the right is just a 360 degree view of the talking LEGO robot skull.

Also testing the simple programmable platter that the head is being displayed on.

LEGO mindstorms nxt terminator tablet pc image
LEGO terminator image
LEGO terminator Happy Halloween
Project Overview

Basic workflow that created this LEGO ABOMINATION:

  • LEGO Mindstorms NXT programmable bricks were used to control the motors, the lighting of the eye, and to PLAY BACK each recorded SYLLABLE of the individual movie lines.
  • A first generation MacBook. Apple Macintosh Text to Speech technology was used to translate TEXT of the movie lines to audible machine SPEECH.
  • AppleScript and Script Editor. Used to help select the default Macintosh Text to Speech VOICES and to read the movie lines.
  • WireTap Studio. Fantastic application used to record Macintosh System sounds as the movie lines were being translated from Text to Speech.
  • Apple Soundtrack Pro. The actual movie lines recited by the talking LEGO robot Skull had to be isolated to individual syllables.
  • wav2rso. A Perl script that converts *.wav files to *.rso files playable on the Mindstorms NXT brick.
  • A first generation Tablet PC. Used to download the programs and the individual syllables of the movie lines (*.rso files) onto the Mindstorms NXT brick using the LEGO NXT-G programming environment.
  • A cheap consumer point and shoot digital camera captured all VIDEO and pictures.
  • Final Cut Pro 5. Used to QUICKLY edit this whole MESS. Currently, all the videos (and images) are initial TEST shots. Sorry, I rushed to document this project so that I could move on...

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Page 1

  • Video: "I'll be back."

Page 2

  • Project Overview
  • Video: 360 degree spin

Page 3

  • Preparation
  • Video: Nice night for a walk.

Page 4

  • LEGO Building, ARTOO...
  • Video: No thanks.

Page 5

  • Building Reference
  • Video: another 360 degree spin

Page 6

  • LEGO Wood-handled Ice Pick
  • Video: Smells like a Dead Cat. (PG-13)

Page 7

  • More Props
  • Video: another 360 degree spin

Page 8

  • Macintosh Text to Speech
  • Video: ID theft

Page 9

  • NXT Brick Onboard Sound
  • Video: "Its NOT, a tumor!"

Page 10

  • Tablet PC and NXT-G
  • Video: Later... in SPANISH

Page 11

  • Talking LEGO Terminator - Happy Halloween!
  • Video: Happy Halloween!

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LEGO terminator image
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